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About AltSol Group:

Driven To Provide Your Business With Quality IT Solutions

AltSol Group is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect. Our business practices reflect only the highest ethical standards. Our goal at AltSol Group is to build partnerships in the business community and to provide the tools and support necessary for businesses to grow and thrive in a competitive market. AltSol Group is about alternative solutions. We are driven to provide you with cost effective solutions to help you streamline the way you do business. We believe that efficiency should support your bottom line, not break it. We are committed to building, in a collaborative manner, the resources you want the way you want them.
Established in 2004, AltSol Group Inc provides quality business support solutions to organizations of all sizes. We offer a wide variety of solutions and services that enable businesses to operate efficiently with cost effective solutions. Over 44 years experience providing enterprise business solutions to both the private sector and the government sector. Due to our innovative approach to providing solutions, our skillsets can now be brought to bear on your business requirements at an economical price without sacrificing quality or ethics. Let us show you how AltSol Group Inc. truly is your business support alternative.

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Business Support Systems

AltSol Group builds systems to support your business operations. Inventory Management, Order Management, Contact Management are just examples of solutions built.

Web Presence

We can manage your entire web presence to include website development, website hosting, Google Ad management, social media, video, radio/television, and other promotion on the web.

Shopify & Other E-Commerce Management

Shopify has become a powerhouse in hosting online store's. AltSol Group can manage your Shopify experience from start to shop. Let us show you how. AltSol can also help you with other E-Commerce solutions if Shopify is not your preference.

My Dealer Forms

First envisioned by Monty King, My Dealer Forms (developed by AltSol Group) is an online tool that supports the operations of small indepedent car, rv, and other independent dealers. Currently it supports many dealers across Oregon. Recently published is My Dealer Cars and RVs. A website for members of the My Dealer Forms community to advertise their inventory. All for the same low price.

Office Network & Desktop Support

Let us show you how you can have a solid, secure network without utilizing overpriced/expensive hardware. Need help resolving windows issues? We can help.


Need a CTO? Need help finding an already developed solution to satisfy a business need? AltSol Group can help you with this by sitting down with you and determining requirements/needs and researching available solutions and pricing.

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Let us show you that solutions do not have to be high priced and complex. We build relationships and business solutions. We have relationships nationally while being very local in our approach.

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